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Being queer, Korean, and making couture – Cecilia Kang Couture & Nellie Tier for NZFW 2021 


Cecilia Kang Couture & Nellie Tier – New Zealand Fashion Week 2021 


In a celebration of diversity and intersection, the New Zealand Fashion Week 2021 show by Kiwi-Korean designer and trans woman Cecilia Kang is a collaboration of light, love, and nature-inspired couture alongside natural skincare brand, Nellie Tier.


Show sponsors Sunny Chae: Barfoot & Thompson, Hi Well health supplements and the delicious Gateau House are proud to be part of the team in supporting this special fashion week event. 


Cecilia Kang Couture (CKC) has been thrilling fashion audiences since NZFW 2018, with designer Kang’s humble charm and impressive creative vision seeing her receive plenty of media attention.


It’s always a question of “what will Cecilia Kang do next?”


Kang’s NZFW18 show drew inspiration from nature, with lush flowers, sparkling butterflies and forest motifs, while her 2019 show ‘Galaxy Extravaganza’ took CKC designs “off the planet”, exploring structure and texture in new ways.


Kang’s 2021 collection, ‘Ani-nature’ continues to experiment with elements of fashion-making.


“It’s exciting to translate the textures, colours, and phenomena of the natural world into fashion,” says Kang. “By collaborating with Nellie Tier skincare, we want to bring NZFW21 audiences a special connection with the earth through these quality organic skincare products.”


This year’s powerful ‘Ani-nature’ collection will be revealed for the first time at NZFW21, Wednesday August 25th 12:30pm, Auckland Town Hall. The new collection takes Kang’s couture deeper into the organic world. The name combines ‘animal’ and ‘nature’ to describe our relationship with nature.


Kang’s garments will see flower motifs and nature patterns in “disruptive harmony” with animal prints – including zebra and wild cat – along with unique embellishments to bring colour and diversity.


The runway will receive creative input from Auckland choreographer and dancer, Rina Chae. Star and host of TVNZ’s K-Pop Academy, Chae is bringing her love of Korean pop culture and fashion to the Cecilia Kang Couture & Nellie Tier show.


Heartfelt collaboration – Cecilia Kang Couture & Nellie Tier for NZFW21


For the NZFW21 show, ‘Cecilia Kang Couture & Nellie Tier’, CKC is collaborating with high-quality natural Kiwi skincare brand, Nellie Tier.


The Nellie Tier team is working alongside Kang to create a runway glowing with Nellie Tier candles and goodie bags with products. “This collaboration is really meaningful for us,” says Kang. “The relationship between humans and nature that I’m exploring in my garments is perfectly expressed through Nellie Tier’s beautiful, natural products.” 


60% of what goes on the skin – face, body, hair and scalp – enters the bloodstream. Driven by this understanding, Nellie Tier skincare is created to be free of any harmful chemicals or pre-made bases. With certified all-natural botanical extracts, herbs and essential oils, the range offers an array of face, body, bath and spa products for people of all ages, including babies and teens.


Wendy Kim started as a loyal customer who found the products dramatically improved her skin health. Today, Wendy Kim is onboard as Nellie Tier managing director.


For Kim, the collaboration with Cecilia Kang Couture runs deeper than simply offering fashion-lovers a special NZFW21 experience.


“I heard Cecilia speak at an event and I was deeply moved,” says Kim. “I am also from South Korea and I saw how difficult it was for Cecilia as a trans woman to remain connected with her culture,” says Kim “As a more senior person in career and in life, I wanted to support Cecilia to feel more comfortable in her emotions and thoughts, especially within the Korean community.”



Queer and South Korean in NZ


As a trans woman, Kang’s is a familiar and painful story of family tension and difficult high school years. Her journey of self acceptance continues, and Kang acknowledges that she has come a very long way.


The Auckland Korean community is officially invited to the Cecilia Kang Couture & Nellie Tier for NZFW21. Kiwi-Korean reality show star (K-Pop Academy) and professional dancer Rina Chae, is part of the NZFW21 show collab, providing creative direction behind the scenes.


As a creative and trans woman, Kang has appeared in British Vogue, Vogue Italia, Black Magazine, Viva Magazine, NZ Apparel Magazine and more.


Join us at Cecilia Kang Couture & Nellie Tier for NZFW21


There’s no doubt this will be a special experience at NZFW 2021. The runway event celebrates a positive message in difficult times, “we are hopeful, we are one.”


The Cecilia Kang Couture & Nellie Tier show is set to be a fun gathering of local and international fashion week attendees as well as all CKC’s sponsors, partners and allies. See you there!


For more information:

Cecilia Kang +64-21-206-5778

Wendy Kim +64 21 142 9488

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